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Jordan Howes and Kaitlynn Jorgensen In Action Feb 2nd

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Kaitlynn Jorgensen and Jordan Howes are fighting in Washington on February 2nd. Both fights are full rules Muay Thai which means elbows and knees to the head are permitted. Both fighters are locked, loaded and ready to go. 

Team Bastian Fundraiser - February 2nd

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Team Bastian has traveled to Alberta, BC, Washington and Florida in 2018 representing not only themselves, our gym but Campbell River as well!! These trips are not possible without the help from all of you. We are excited to present our 3rd fundraiser being held at the Campbell River Golf & Country Club on February 7th. Only 100 tickets available!!! We have our sights on even bigger events this year!! We would love your support!! Contact any team member for more information!!

Kaitlynn Jorgensen Fighting for BC Title

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Very excited for this event on February 22nd in Vancouver. Kaitlynn Jorgensen will be fighting for a BC Title. First one for her, first one for us as a gym. She has trained harder, both physically and mentally than I have ever seen. It's going to be good!

Heart and Soul Muay Thai Academy - Information Fair & Exhibition

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Heart and Soul Muay Thai Academy - Information Fair & Exhibition

Come down for a fun filled afternoon and see what we do and how we do it. This family friendly event will have snacks, refreshments, demonstrations, mini classes that you can watch or participate in and wrapping up with a few live action Exhibition matches.

You will also have an opportunity to tour our facility and speak to our members, fighters and of course our instructors.

For more information, check out the event page on Facebook:

Refer A Friend

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When current members refer a new member to Heart and Soul Muay Thai they will recieve the following gifts:

1 new member = Heart and Soul Muay Thai t-shirt

2 new members = Heart and Soul Muay Thai Hoodie

3 or more new members = a new pair of Heart and Soul Muay Thai Gloves

Team Bastian is Back in Action!

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3 Fighters will be competing in Calgary on October 20th. Kaitlynn Jorgensen, Morgan Holling and Jordan Howes are ready to throw down!

Open House - Saturday September 8th from 1pm to 4pm

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OPEN HOUSE!! This Saturday we are having an open house for you all to come and have a look!!! Check out the space, grab some gear, inquire about everything we will be offering!! Enter to win a free month of training, samples from GNC and more!! 1971 Island Hwy, Campbell River, BC

Howes Puts On Exciting Performance

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Jordan Howes headed down to Langford speedway to battle veteran kickboxer Jason Skazel on Friday night. In an absolute war, Howes lost a tight decision which featured some interesting referreeing and scoring.

Rules Meeting. First thing said was any knockdown scores the most. Remember this.

Let me say that last night @howesjordan fought awesome. It was a fast paced, hard hitting bout from both guys. Round 1 - Howes receives a standing 8 count because his opponent illegally was back breaking in the clinch. Howes ended up on the ground due to this.This round goes to his opponent. Round 2 - Again an excellent hard hitting round. Howes dropped his guy HARD with a beautiful spinning back fist. This round was all Howes.

Round 3 - Even fight going into this round. Both guys came out and pushed each other back and forth. Howes dropped his opponent with one leg sweep and one by kicking out his front leg. Please read the first line again that I wrote. This round should have been Howes's if you go by the rules. Winner announced:unanimous decision for his opponent. Shittiest thing I have seen. Actually a couple of really crappy decisions last night that left you shaking your head. Can't blame the fighter or his coaches. Not their fault. Who I can blame are the guys ringside who, in my opinion, are not properly trained on how to judge or ref fights. Rules are a mess here in BC and it's truly sad. A great sport that is being ruined by people who don't really know or understand the sport and it's rules.

Still a great night as my coach Acharn Mike Miles was here with a fighter as well as Vanessa and Luis with their fighter. Great seeing you guys!!

#teambastian #heartandsoulmuaythai #baddecisions #movingforward @ Campbell River, British Columbia

Pics from the fight video:

1st Round - Back Breaker - Howes given standing 8:

1st Round - Back Breaker - Howes given standing 8:

2nd Round Back Fist Knockdown:

2nd Round Back Fist Knockdown:

3rd Round Dump:

3rd Round Leg Kick Knockdown (no 8 count given):

3rd Round Leg Kick Knockdown (no 8 count given):

3rd Round Leg Kick Knockdown (no 8 count given):

We Made the Paper

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A Recap of our journey to Orlando. 

Opening Soon!

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They say everything happens for a reason. I believe I have been blessed to have each and everyone of these people come into my world. They have helped more than they realize in bringing this to life. I want to thank each one of you for sharing this special moment with us. Sign is hung up. Things are real and I'm so excited to have each of you along for the ride.

IKF Orlando

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What an amazing weekend! Both Brenna and Kaitlynn fought for the belt today. They both fell a bit short but honestly, I couldn't be more proud of them.

Brenna stepped into the ring 2 weight classes heavier then normal and did amazing!!

Kaitlynn was a little slower to start but finished strong. They were both fighting at the same time, in different rings, so both Chris and I were a bit stressed.

Nevertheless, we pulled together as a team and got it done. I am so VERY proud of each one of these guys!!

On Saturday, Morgan put forth an amzing effort against a very experienced fighter. He demonstrated skill, composure and heart in a tough

decision loss. Marlene also took a loss in a hard fought decison.

They all showed heart, desire and great confidence. Growth. That's what we all experience this weekend.

Beginner Classes Wednesday and Friday

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What a great start to our beginner class! Lots of fun was had by all. I'll see you all Friday @ 5:30. For those who didn't make it tonight, no worries, we're going till the end of July.

Classes are on Wednesday @ 6:00pm and Friday @ 5:30pm weekly. These are $5 drop in classes. Hope to see you there!

Jordan Howes Representing on August 24th

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Team Bastian is back in action on August 24th in Victoria. Jordan Howes is already confirmed for a big match with Jason Skazel. The card is loaded with big fights. Should be a great time!

Congratulations Jordyn!

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Well I think the smile says it all. This young lady went in her first tournament yesterday walking away with 3rd. Her first fight was against a girl who out weighed her considerably, but instead of backing away from the challenge, she went in and gave it her all. Her second fight was more even in weight and Jordyn did well walking away with the win. Excellent job kid and way to represent!

Oh no.....What are we up to now???

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Exciting new things are right around the corner. Team Bastian is evolving. More to come soon....

June 2nd Results

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Another fantastic event! Thank you to WTM Muay Thai\Kickboxing for having us on their show!

Marlene won her fight by TKO in round two. Great improvement and very proud. Kaitlynn got stopped with a nice body kick followed up with a body punch. If anyone has ever taken a body shot before, you know how much these can hurt. Very proud of her! We win, we learn and that's the best part. Always learning. Love my team.

Final Training Session Before the Fights

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With all the changes going on with our team, Marlene and Kaitlynn have stayed on track and are ready. Both ladies have busted their asses off and are ready to show Calgary what they are made of. Proud of Team Bastian!

Kaitlynn Jorgensen is Ready to Rock - June 2nd in Calgary

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Kaitlynn Jorgensen and Marlene Noel are representing Team Bastian on June 2nd in Calgary. Lets Go!