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Giving Back To Our Community

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Team Bastian was glad to be able to give back to the community by serving dinner tonight at the Grass Roots Kind Hearts Society.

Lasagna, Caesar salad, coleslaw, green salad, buns, watermelon, apple crisp and pop were served and Van Houtte coffee was donated along with the cream, sugar, plates, cups and utensils to the event.

We are already excited for the next time around!

Kaitlynn Jorgensen and Marlene Noel - Next Up!

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On June 2nd, Kaitlynn Jorgensen and Marlene Noel will be fighting at Muay Thai-Nado #3 ( in Calgary Alberta. Training has been vigorous the past couple months and these ladies are ready to represent Team Bastian.


Thank You for Making Our Fundraiser and Amazing Event

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Team Bastian would like to thank everyone that came out last night to support our burger and beer night!

Thanks again so much to Campbell River Golf and Country Club for hosting the event. The staff, service, food, and venue was amazing!

Thanks again to Bill Young & Jacquie Block for providing us with some wonderful music while everyone ate!

It was so amazing to see Kru Sandra both demonstrate the wai khru, and explain how beautiful the sport of Muay Thai is. All of her students truly appreciate all of the hard work that both herself and our Assistant Coach, Chris truly put into the team.

To all of our sponsors, this wouldn't be possible without your support, and generous donations. Again thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

Lastly, we thank EVERYONE that attended, enjoyed your night, and enjoyed the awesome door prizes and bid on the silent auction items you wanted! You are the backbone and the support system behind Team Bastian Muay Thai, and we couldn't do this all without the support of all of you behind us.

Next Man Up

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Team Bastian will be back in the ring next week. Morgan Holling will be fighting in Vancouver at AMA 31 on May 5th. 

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

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You all may have seen our #newswag . Some of you have even complimented us on how wonderful it looks! Either way, please take a moment to look at the back.

Team Bastian would love to give a huge shout-out to Seymour Pacific Developments and Broadstreet Properties for sponsoring the Team's tracksuits. None of this would be possible without your support, and all of us on the team thoroughly appreciate your willingness to help a small team with big dreams.

So from everyone on Team Bastian, thanks again Seymour Pacific Developments and Broadstreet Properties!

Fundraising Event - Who Doesn't Like Burgers and Beer?

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Team Bastian Muay Thai is getting ready to travel to Orlando, Florida for the IKF World Classic - Muay Thai World Championships. As amateur atheltes, all costs fall to the competitors and coaches. Flight, accomodations, entry fees, all add up to a significant amount of money. As a result, our team is relying on our amazing community to help support our athletes. For $25 you will get a delicious burger, a cold beer and the company of some great people at a beautiful location (Campbell River Golf and Country Club). We hope to see you there. 

Friday Night Fights - Langford, BC - April 6th

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Another fight night in the books. Marlene did fantastic with her first time in the ring. The girl she fought was bigger and has been training for over 10 years with quite a few tournaments under her belt. Marlene went in there with 7 months of training and stood toe to toe with her. Hit her with some great right hands. Now we learn to follow those up.

Jordan stepped in the ring for the first time this year. He again showed grit and determination. They both represented Team Bastian with pride and made us all proud. Now, back to the drawing board.

This link takes you to Victoria Sports News with a write up on all the fights.

New Outfits

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Never thought I would be lucky enough to see my name on the back, representing my teachings and the teachings of my instructors. Humbling to say the least. And so damn proud.

Friday Night Fights in Victoria

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And here we go again!!! Jordan and Marlene representing us this weekend in Victoria. Let's get it done guys!!

March 24 - Calgary Fight Photos

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Pictures from the last event that Jordan and Kaitlynn fought on. Enjoy! (Click on the link below)

Challenger Muay Thai - March 24 - Photos

Fight Night Calgary - March 24th

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Fights are over and we are coming home with 1 win and 1 lesson.

Kaitlynn fought well but with it being her 3rd fight in 6 weeks she came up short but still very proud. She has earned a rest! Jordan had a slow start and I was a wee bit worried but he pulled through with some excellent elbows in the 3rd round and showed the heart of a fighter and is bringing home the win!! Now...onto the next one.

Another Fight Camp in the Books

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The two sweaty beauties up front are on their way to Calgary this weekend to represent Team Bastian. Looking forward to watching all the hard work shine through. And just like every fight, they couldn't have done it without the help of the team. You guys always impress me and make me proud! Now, let's go do this!!!

Fight Night March 10th

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Well these lovely ladies did an absolute amazing job this evening. They all got to fight full rules for the first time and they all did fantastic. Brenna won her fight and delivered some excellent body kicks and some beautiful elbows. Kaitlynn lost by split decision and it honestly was one of the worst decisions I have seen in years. Again, beautiful kicks, great elbows, and even a spinning back elbow to finish. Next up was Amanda. Her first time in the ring and I am proud of her. She didn't get the win but she definitely did learn. And last up for us was Anita...and what can I say. Anita completely dominated her girl. Gave her a standing 8 count in the first round from knees. Anita continued to knee the absolute crap out of her opponent and ended the fight by TKO in the 3rd round. Once again I am a very happy Kru. These ladies not only represented our team but themselves by showing great talent, respect and humility. So very proud.

Jordan Howes: Locked and Loaded

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Jordan Howes will be making an appearance at Summer Slugfest in Victoria, BC this weekend. This fight extravaganza takes place at Langford Speedway and features an excellent card of fights. Howes is more than ready after an intense fight camp. He is ready, locked and loaded, and will be ready to fire devastating knees and kicks on Friday night.