Ladies Only Class

Muay Thai

A great place to learn self defense and proper Muay Thai techniques from qualified instructors. Our goal is to build your confidence in the sport of Muay Thai and in life. Strong women support strong women and that's our focus!

Children's Class

Muay Thai

From ages 4 - 13 years old we run children's classes multiple times per week. Great to learn self defense, respect, make long lasting friends, and of course burn off some energy. Confident children are not bullied!

Boot Camp/HIIT/Cardio Kickboxing


The focus of this class is on fitness, and includes everything from heavy bag drills, partner drills, body weight exercises and free weight exercises. All fitness levels welcome! 

Mixed Level Class

Muay Thai

A great class featuring technique and fitness. You must complete your first 5 beginner lessons before attending these classes. All fitness levels welcome.

Clinching Class


Put all the new skills you've been learning to the test in a controlled environment. We check our egos at the door so no one gets hurt, we are there to help our sparring partners become better. Learn how to properly utilize the clinch.

Pad Class

Muay Thai

Nothing beats a great session of padwork! Get your sweat on and get technical all at the same time. Classes include drills with a partner utilizing Thai pads. All levels welcome!

Heavy Bag Blast

Tuesday and Thursday

A combination of heavy bags, weights and kettlebells for a full cardio workout.