Kru Sandra Bastian

Sandra Bastian started her training in Calgary under Sensei Gil LaFantasie. She trained under him for approximately 1 ½ years. She then left Sensei Gil, with his blessing, to go train with one of the world’s best, Acharn Mike Miles. Under his leadership, Sandra really started to show her talent. Always the first one in the gym and usually the last to leave, she trained HARD everyday.

Acharn Miles awarded Sandra her Kru status and black level praciat in April of 2009. Acharn Miles is one of the very few in Canada who has the recognition and authority to grade students under the WMC (World MuayThai Council), IFMA (International Federation of Muay Thai) and the Boxing Board of Thailand.

Sandra`s lineage in the art of MuayThai is exceptionally strong. Following the teachings of Acharn Panya Kraitus and Acharn Mike Miles, she has traveled the world fighting and coaching along side Acharn Miles and fine tuning her art. Her passion for the sport is recognized both here at home in the eyes of her students and world wide. Training, Coaching, Cornering and Mentoring all comes naturally to her and demonstrates her extreme love of the sport.

Sandra Bastain is the Kru, Coach, Manager, Trainer, Part-time Therapist and is the “Heart and Soul” of Team Bastian Muay Thai. From humble beginnings and major life altering events, she has turned a hobby into a 20 + year Career. With 50 + fights she has a very impressive resume.

Amateur Fight Record – 42 fights 31 wins 9 losses 2 exhibitions 16 KO’s

Pro Fight Record – 14 fights 9 wins 4 losses 1 draw 3 KO’s

2000 WKA Western Canadian Kickboxing Champion
2003 WKA North American Kickboxing Champion
2007 WKA World Champion
2008 IFMA European Cup Champion
2008 IFMA World Games – Bronze Medalist
2004 IFMA World Games – Silver Medalist
2006 IFMA World Games – Gold Medalist
2006 IFMA World’s Best Female Boxer of the Tournament
2009 – Highest Honor of fighting on the Kings Cup and winning
2009 – Won the Roy Lilly Memorial Award – Best In town Fighter
2010 - Signed and Fought on the Muay Thai Premier League (MPL) Alongside other Muay Thai Super Stars like Julie Kitchen, Valentina Shevchenko, Nicky Holzken, Liam Harrison and one of Thailands best Buakaw.

Kru Chris Fair

Kru Chris has been involved off and on in Muay Thai for almost 20 years, starting his training in Calgary under Acharn Mike Miles. He brings to the team his witty personality and his drive for success. He pushes the Team to their limits on pad work, and does so with a smile. He challenges them every class along with himself.

Fight Record:
4 wins  5 Losses

Assistant: Kaitlynn Jorgensen

Kaitlynn is a vital member of Heart and Soul Muay Thai. You can see Kaitlynn helping out at kids' class, helping out in other classes, and also training. Kaitlynn actively represents Team Bastian Muay Thai as a fighter and wonderful training partner in the gym.